StrepTactin™琼脂糖凝胶Strep-tag II™蛋白纯化树脂,StrepTactin Sepharose High Performance resin for Strep - tag II ™

StrepTactin™ Sepharose 高性能树脂专为 Strep-tag II™ 重组蛋白纯化而设计。28935600;28935599
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StrepTactin™ Sepharose High Performance resin is designed for Strep-tag II™ recombinant protein purification.

使用 0.5 M NaOH 快速轻松地再生。
StrepTactin Sepharose 琼脂糖树脂
Strep-tag II 很小 (8 aa),这通常使得纯化后不需要去除标签。 StrepTactin Sepharose High Performance 专为对 Strep-tag II 具有高特异性而开发,以确保纯度。

树脂的小珠粒 (34 μm) 允许以窄峰洗脱。纯化和洗脱条件设计为温和且模拟生理条件,保留目标蛋白的活性。

这种坚固且稳定的 Sepharose 基树脂可实现可重现的纯化,并将进一步浓缩步骤的需要降至最低。请参阅我们的 StrepTactin Sepharose 应用说明,了解纯度超过 95% 的单步纯化示例。

StrepTactin Sepharose 可用于多种应用中的标记蛋白纯化,包括:

葡萄球菌蛋白如何逃避 Toll 样受体激活的分析

  • Yields high-purity tagged recombinant proteins eluted in concentrated, small volumes.
  • Physiological conditions and mild elution preserve target protein activity.
  • Fast and easy regeneration with 0.5 M NaOH.
  • Compatible with a wide range of reducing agents, detergents, denaturants, and other additives.
  • Stable in all commonly used buffers.

StrepTactin Sepharose agarose resin

Strep-tag II is small (8 aa), which often makes tag removal unnecessary after purification. StrepTactin Sepharose High Performance has been specially developed for high specificity towards Strep-tag II to ensure purity.

The resin’s small bead size (34 μm) allows elution in narrow peaks. Purification and elution conditions are designed to be mild and mimic physiological conditions, preserving the target protein’s activity.

This robust and stable Sepharose-based resin yields reproducible purifications and minimizes the need for further concentration steps. See our StrepTactin Sepharose application note for an example of a single-step purification that achieved greater than 95% purity.

Successful use in published research

StrepTactin Sepharose is used for tagged protein purification in a variety of applications, including:

Compatible empty columns

Cytiva solutions include a variety of empty columns for packing your own columns. StrepTactin Sepharose is compatible for use with Tricorn and XK columns.

Convenient prepacked columns

StrepTactin Sepharose High Performance is also available in a prepacked format:

  • StrepTrap: HiTrap format for convient use with a syringe, a pump, or a chromatography system.


ParameterStrepTactin Sepharose High Performance, 50 mL
Particle size, d50V1~34 µm 
MatrixHighly cross-linked agarose, 6% 
Binding Capacity/ml Chromatography Medium2Approx. 6 mg Strep II-tagged protein/mL resin 
Ligand densityapprox. 5 mg StrepTactin/ml medium 
pH stability, operational3> 7 
Flow velocity< 300 cm/h 
Storage2 to 8°C, 20% Ethanol 
Chemical stabilityStable in commonly used buffers, 0.5 M NaOH (regeneration and cleaning), reducing agents, denaturants, and detergents 
LicensingFor licensing information, see the Licensing Statements page in the About Us section. 
Pack size50 mL 
  • 1Median particle size of the cumulative volume distribution.
  • 2Binding capacity is protein dependent. Dynamic binding capacity was tested with GAPDH-Strep(II), Mr 37 400.
  • 3pH range where resin can be operated without significant change in function.
储存温度 Storage temp.常温阴凉避光
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