罗氏生命科学Roche Life Sciences:Roche罗氏总部位于瑞士巴塞尔,是全球在医药和诊断以及生命科学领域致力于研究并处于领先地位之一的公司。罗氏的生命科学部门提供了独一无二的产品品种,涉及生化试剂, 化学试剂, 诊断试剂, 氨基酸, 抗生素, 蛋白质, 酶和辅酶, 底物, 抑制剂, 生物活性小分子, MagNA Pure系统, LightCycler®系统, 抗体, 试剂盒等;为全世界的研究人员、科学家和实验室提供多样化的创新产品及服务。罗氏生命科学在全球有近26,000人正致力于科研、发展、产品的市场运作和服务以及一体化的解决方案。




Roche celebrate the students, the researchers, the managers who work tirelessly in the pursuit of discovery. By developing the instruments and reagents you rely on each day, we strive to support your next breakthrough so you can focus on what you do: discovery.


MagNA Pure System Family:您的基因组工作流程始于核酸纯化。罗氏分子诊断公司凭借近2年的专业知识彻底改变了自动样品制备方法。全新MagNA Pure Systems改善了您的实验室工作流程,提供了自动化,灵活且一致的解决方案。


LightCycler® System Family — precise, consistent results:受益于罗氏(Roche)实时PCR的经验,并通过各种仪器,试剂,测定法和一次性用品来达到精确、一致的结果,以适合任何实验室的通量或预算。


Reverse Transcription:逆转录,罗氏(Roche)提供广泛的反转录产品选择,从单一酶到完整的cDNA合成试剂盒再到通用模板。作为任何基因表达实验的关键部分,逆转录在确保存在RNA池的准确表示以进行进一步的基因组分析中起着至关重要的作用。依靠成熟的罗氏逆转录解决方案来支持您的基因表达工作流程。


Transcriptor:Robust and Flexible Reverse Transcription Choosing the correct enzyme and reaction set-up for reverse transcription and cDNA synthesis is critical for obtaining high yields of quality full-length cDNA with full gene representation. Roche offers a comprehensive selection of reverse transcription from the Transcriptor product family. Benefit from enzymes with consistent performance across a broad dynamic range.Increase temperature to transcribe RNA with secondary structures.Use proofreading activity for demanding applications.Reduce pipetting steps by using a convenient cDNA master.


Based on the results of head-to-head tests of the LightCycler® EvoScript RNA SYBR® Green I Master versus the SuperScript® III Platinum® SYBR® Green One-Step qRT-PCR Kit and the LightCycler® EvoScript RNA Probes Master versus SuperScript® III Platinum® One-Step qRT-PCR Kit. Tests were run with various sample materials using the optimal conditions specified in the instructions for use for all products.


罗氏公司(Roche)致力于生命科学领域产品的开发,向用户提供优质的科研产品。在1998年收购德国宝灵曼(Boehringer Mannheim)公司后,产品涵盖了分子生物学,细胞学,免疫学,蛋白质组学,生物化学等多个研究领域,罗氏拥有PCR以及标记产品的全球专利,其DIG标记产品和细胞凋亡相关产品在业内享有极高的声誉。五十年来,罗氏应用科学部专注于生命科研领域产品的开发和推广,如今已经有超过12,000种的科研产品在市场上销售,覆盖了生命科学研究领域的各个方面,为科研工作者提供完整的解决方案。

Despite significant advances in modern medicine, social and economic factors make the need for innovative, new products in the diagnosis and treatment of disease greater than ever.Roche's resources are focused on two research-intensive businesses:pharmaceuticals and diagnostics.

Within these businesses, priority is placed in areas of significant unmet medical need where the expertise at Roche can make a difference. The goal is to develop new and improved drugs, diagnostic tests, and services offering significant benefits over existing options.For this reason, Roche invests heavily in research。

Roche life science reagents


At Roche we deliver a broad and growing selection of advanced research tools that accelerate life science discovery. Committed to innovation, quality, and service, we offer an extensive product portfolio featuring cutting-edge instruments and reagents for genome sequencing, microarray analysis, nucleic acid purification, real-time PCR, and cell analysis.

We also provide a wealth of valuable resources to support the life science community, including online technical and application information, convenient on-site product supply programs, and expert technical and customer service. Through our Industrial Business, we offer specialty biochemicals for a wide range of industrial applications, as well as custom manufacturing. Explore our comprehensive products and services and learn how Roche can help you make your next discovery.