Capto多峰层析树脂,Capto MMC multimodal chromatography resin

Capto MMC 是一种耐盐的多峰弱阳离子交换剂。 与传统的离子交换剂相比,它具有不同的选择性。17531760;17531704;17531702;17531710;17531703;17531705
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Capto MMC is a multimodal weak cation exchanger that is salt-tolerant. It has a different selectivity, compared with traditional ion exchangers.

Resin 满足工业对供应安全性、强大性能和监管支持的需求。
Capto MMC 将琼脂糖基质开发与创新的配体化学相结合。它由刚性、高流动性琼脂糖基质和新型多峰配体组成。与传统离子交换器相比,多模式功能赋予 Capto MMC 不同的选择性。




  • Multimodal cation exchanger with a different selectivity than traditional ion exchangers.
  • High dynamic binding capacity at high conductivity increases productivity.
  • High-volume throughput cuts process times.
  • Smaller unit operations give cost-effective processing and reduce investments.
  • Resin fulfills industrial demands for security of supply, robust performance, and regulatory support.

An alternative solution to traditional ion exchangers

Capto MMC combines agarose base matrix developments with innovative ligand chemistry. It is composed of a rigid, high-flow agarose matrix and a novel multimodal ligand. The multimodal functionality gives Capto MMC a different selectivity, compared with traditional ion exchangers.

This resin can be used to bind proteins at the conductivity of the feed material. It can also be used to solve specific purification challenges at both high and low ionic strengths.

Hydrogen bonding and hydrophobic interactions

The ligand contains a carboxylic group. Thus, its features partly resemble a weak cation exchanger. Hydrogen bonding and hydrophobic interactions are also involved.

Prepacked columns and other formats

Capto MMC resin is available in the following formats: 

Process development scale: prepacked

  • PreDictor Capto MMC filter plates, 96-well plates for high-throughput screening or process development.
  • PreDictor Capto MMC RoboColumn™ units, miniaturized columns for high-throughput process development.
  • HiScreen Capto MMC columns, optimized for method and process development.

Lab scale: prepacked for manual purification

HiTrap Capto MMC columns, for easy use with a syringe, peristaltic pump, or chromatography system.

Lab scale: prepacked for automated purification and analysis

HiTrap Capto MMC columns, for easy use with a syringe, peristaltic pump, or chromatography system.

Process characterization: resin kits

Process Characterization Kit Capto MMC, designed for studying the potential impact that resin ligand density might have on the process outcome.

Process-scale purification: prepacked

ReadyToProcess Capto MMC columns, 1 L and larger columns for clinical manufacturing that minimize the need for cleaning and cleaning validation.


ParameterCapto MMC, 1 L
BioProcess resinYes 
Particle size, d50V1~75 µm 
Ion Exchanger TypeMultimodal weak cation exchanger 
MatrixHighly cross-linked agarose 
Binding Capacity/ml Chromatography Medium2> 45 mg BSA/mL resin at 30 mS/cm 
Ionic Capacity0.07-0.09 mmol H+/ml medium 
pH stability, operational32–12 
pH stability, CIP42–14 
Pressure/Flow Specification300 kPa at 600 cm/h, 1 m diameter column, 20 cm bed height 
Storage4 to 30°C, 20% Ethanol 
Chemical stability5Commonly used aqueous buffers, 1 M acetic acid, 1 M sodium hydroxide, 8 M urea, 6 M guanidine hydrochloride, and 70% ethanol 
Certificate of AnalysisYes 
Pack size1 L 
  • 1Median particle size of the cumulative volume distribution.
  • 2Dynamic binding capacity at 10% breakthrough as measured at a residence time of 2 min, 300 cm/h in a Tricorn 5/100 column with 10-cm bed height in 50 mM Sodium acetate, pH 4.75, 250 mM NaCl.
  • 3pH range where resin can be operated without significant change in function.
  • 4pH range where resin can be subjected to cleaning- or sanitization-in-place without significant change in function.
  • 5No significant change in ionic binding capacity and carbon content after one week storage in 1 M NaOH at 40°C.
储存温度 Storage temp.常温阴凉避光
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