高性能蛋白G琼脂糖凝胶,Protein G Sepharose High Performance

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ParameterProtein G Sepharose High Performance, 200 mL
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LigandRecombinant protein G lacking albumin-binding region 
Particle size, d50V1~34 µm 
MatrixHighly cross-linked agarose, 6% 
Ligand Coupling MethodN-hydroxysuccinimide activation 
Binding Capacity/ml Chromatography Medium2>1 mg lgG/column 
Ligand density2 mg protein G/ml medium 
pH stability, operational33–9 
pH stability, CIP42–9 
Storage4 to 8°C, 20% Ethanol 
Chemical stabilityAll common used buffers 
Pack size200 mL 
  • 1Median particle size of the cumulative volume distribution.
  • 2The binding capacity has been determined with human polyclonal IgG.
  • 3pH range where resin can be operated without significant change in function.
  • 4pH below 3 is sometimes required to elute strongly bound IgG species. However,  protein ligands may hydrolyze at very low pH.
储存温度 Storage temp.2-8°C冷藏
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