转染试剂,X-tremeGENE™ 360 Transfection Reagent;for molecular biology [罗氏]

将DNA, siRNA, miRNA, CRISPR/RNP输送到许多细胞系的通用聚合物试剂;罗氏Roche转染试剂;Universal polymer reagent for delivering DNA, siRNA, miRNA and CRISPR/RNP to many cell lines
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General description

X-tremeGENE 360 Transfection Reagent is an innovative reagent that forms a complex with DNA or RNA and efficiently delivers the nucleic acids into animal or insect cells. With improved utility, X-tremeGENE 360 delivers high efficiency transfection in more cell types with low cytotoxicity.



X-tremeGENE 360 Transfection Reagent is a high performance transfection reagent, free of animal-derived components.
• Designed to transfect a broad range of eukaryotic cells, many cell lines not transfected well by other reagents, and hard-to-transfect cell lines, such as asK-562 and HepG2.
• Can be successfully used in a variety of applications, such as gene expression analysis using transiently transfected cells, generating of stable cell lines, expression of siRNA for gene knockdown studies, and CRISPR gene-editing tools.
• Produces minimal cytotoxicity or changes in morphology when adequate numbers of cells are transfected, eliminating the requirement to change media after adding the transfection complex.
• Suitable for transient and stable transfection.
• Functions well in the presence or absence of serum.


Features and Benefits

X-tremeGENE 360 Transfection Reagent is a high-performing, versatile and reliable solution for hard-to-transfect and common cell types. As a proven and reliable reagent, X-tremeGENE 360 allows researchers to avoid guesswork when performing transfection. In addition, X-tremeGENE 360 exhibits:
• Peak performance in a broad range of cell types
• Suitable for multiple applications
• Efficient delivery of plasmid DNA, siRNA/miRNA and CRISPR/Cas9 components

•质粒DNA,siRNA / miRNA和CRISPR / Cas9组分的高效递送


Each lot of X-tremeGENE 360 Transfection Reagent is carefully tested following established quality procedures to ensure that the product is consistently performing according to specifications. During quality testing, cells are transfected with a reporter gene vector DNA using X-tremeGENE 360 Transfection Reagent (ratio 3:1 μL/μg DNA). Reporter gene activity is monitored via chemiluminescent detection. Using a standard curve, the total amount of recombinant protein is determined per well in order to meet specification.


Physical form

Supplied in 80% ethanol and sterile-filtered through 0.2 μm pore size membrane. Does not contain any ingredients of human or animal origin. Number of Tests: Using the standard procedure, 1 mL of X-tremeGENE 360 Transfection Reagent can be used to perform up to 10,000 transfections in 96-well plates.


Other Notes

For life science research only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


X-tremeGENE is a trademark of Roche


gradefor molecular biology
formliquid (aqueous solution)
packagingpkg of 0.4 mL (08724105001)
pkg of 1.0 mL (08724121001)
pkg of 5 × 1.0 mL (08724156001)
mfr. no.Roche
shipped inwet ice
storage temp.−20°C


RIDADR NONH for all modes of transport
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储存温度 Storage temp.-20°C低温冷冻
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