螯合琼脂糖凝胶FF [固定化金属亲和层析树脂],Chelating Sepharose Fast Flow immobilized metal affinity chromatography resin

Cheating Sepharose Fast Flow是一种不带电荷的 IMAC 层析树脂,用于纯化对金属离子具有亲和力的蛋白质和肽。 准备好用您选择的金属离子充电以优化选择性。17057504;17057501;17057502
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Chelating Sepharose Fast Flow is an uncharged IMAC chromatography resin for purification of proteins and peptides with affinity for metal ions. Ready to charge with your metal ion of choice for optimized selectivity.

Cheating Sepharose Fast Flow 是一种不带电荷的 IMAC 层析树脂,用于纯化对金属离子具有亲和力的蛋白质和肽。准备好用您选择的金属离子充电以优化选择性。

基于成熟的 Sepharose Fast Flow 树脂。
高化学稳定性支持经过验证的 CIP 和消毒协议。
用于灵活可靠的 IMAC 纯化的螯合树脂
螯合 Sepharose Fast Flow 由用亚氨基二乙酸修饰的交联 6% 琼脂糖珠组成,通过稳定的醚键和足够长的间隔臂固定在基础基质上。高度交联的琼脂糖树脂可实现高流速和高生产率。

这种固定化金属亲和层析 (IMAC) 树脂设计用于纯化多种蛋白质。它不含金属离子(不带电),允许用户用最合适的金属离子带电以纯化目标蛋白质。


螯合 Sepharose Fast Flow 是一系列研究应用的成熟工具。例如,这种金属螯合亲和层析树脂已用于纯化带有 His 标签的蛋白质,其用途如下:

绘制生长因子受体 ErbB2 二聚体跨膜结构域的空间结构图
鉴定在大肠杆菌中具有经证实的酶活性的不同 PIase
Cytiva 的解决方案包括用于研究规模的各种空柱。螯合 Sepharose Fast Flow 与其中两条产品线 Tricorn 和 XK 色谱柱兼容。

兼容的空柱 – 生物工艺规模
对于工艺规模的应用,Cytiva 推荐使用 AxiChrom 色谱柱。螯合 Sepharose Fast Flow 也可以装入其他色谱柱平台,例如 BPG 和 Chromaflow。

  • Based on well-established Sepharose Fast Flow resins.
  • High chemical stability enables proven CIP and sanitization protocols.
  • Hydrophilic base matrix ensures low levels of nonspecific binding and low levels of host cell-derived impurities in the elution pool.
  • Fulfills industrial demands for security of supply, robust performance, and regulatory support.

Chelating resin for flexible and reliable IMAC purification

Chelating Sepharose Fast Flow is composed of cross-linked 6% agarose beads modified with iminodiacetic, which comes immobilized to the base matrix by stable ether linkages and sufficiently long spacer arms. The highly crosslinked agarose resin enables high flow rates and high productivity.

This immobilized metal affinity chromatography (IMAC) resin is designed to purify a wide range of proteins. It is supplied free of metal ions (uncharged), allowing the user to charge it with the most appropriate metal ion for purification of a target protein.

Streamlined scale up

Scale-up with this resin is straightforward and is further aided by a range of prepacked process development tools, making purification scale-up straightforward.

Successful use – research scale

Chelating Sepharose Fast Flow is an established tool for a range of research applications. For instance, this metal chelate affinity chromatography resin has been used to purify his-tagged proteins for the following purposes:

Compatible empty columns – research scale

Cytiva's solutions include a variety of empty columns for research scale. Chelating Sepharose Fast Flow is compatible with two of these lines, Tricorn and XK columns.

Compatible empty columns – bioprocess scale

For process-scale applications, Cytiva recommends AxiChrom columns. Chelating Sepharose Fast Flow can also be packed in the other column platforms such as BPG and Chromaflow.


ParameterChelating Sepharose Fast Flow, 500 mL
BioProcess resinYes 
LigandIminodiacetic acid 
Particle size, d50V1~90 µm 
Matrix6% cross-linked agarose 
Particle Size45 μm-165 μm 
Metal Ion Capacity30-37 µmol Cu₂₊/ml 
pH stability, operational23–13 
pH stability, CIP32–14 
Pressure/Flow SpecificationBase matrix: 250-400 cm/h, 100 kPa, XK 50/60 column, bed height 25 cm 
Storage4 to 30°C, 20% Ethanol 
Chemical stabilityStable in commonly used aqueous buffers - 1 M NaOH, 20% ethanol, 8 M guanidine hydrochloride, 8 M urea, 0.01 M HCl, non-ionic detergents, acetate buffer pH 4 
Certificate of AnalysisYes 
LicensingFor licensing information, see the Licensing Statements page in the About Us section. 
Pack size500 mL 
  • 1Median particle size of the cumulative volume distribution.
  • 2pH range where resin can be operated without significant change in function.
  • 3pH range where resin can be subjected to cleaning- or sanitization-in-place without significant change in function.
储存温度 Storage temp.常温阴凉避光
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