苯甲脒琼脂糖凝胶4FF [低取代],Benzamidine Sepharose 4 Fast Flow (Low Sub)

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ParameterBenzamidine Sepharose 4 Fast Flow (Low Sub), 100 mL
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Chromatography techniqueGroup specific affinity 
BioProcess resinNo 
Particle size, d50V1~90 µm 
Matrix4% cross-linked agarose 
Particle Size45 μm-165 μm 
Ligand Coupling MethodAmide linkage 
Binding Capacity/ml Chromatography Medium25 mg Trypsin / mL 
Ligand densityAprox. 6 μmol/ml 
pH stability, operational22–8 
pH stability, CIP31–9 
Pressure/Flow SpecificationBase matrix: 150-250 cm/h, 100 kPa, XK 50/60 column, bed height 25 cm 
Coupling ChemistryAmide linkage (carbodiimide) 
Storage4 to 8°C, in 20% Ethanol and 0.05 M Sodium Acetate 
Chemical stabilityStable to commonly used aqueous buffers: 7.2 M guanidine hydrochloride, 
Pack size100 mL 
  • 1Median particle size of the cumulative volume distribution.
  • 2pH range where resin can be operated without significant change in function.
  • 3pH range where resin can be subjected to cleaning- or sanitization-in-place without significant change in function.
储存温度 Storage temp.2-8°C冷藏
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