苯基疏水相互作用色谱层析树脂,SOURCE 15PHE

Source 15 PHE(苯基)是一种用于疏水相互作用色谱的高性能芳香树脂,专为蛋白质和肽的快速、高分辨率纯化而设计,中/高疏水性要求的SOURCE 15PHE。17014704;17014705;17014702
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Source 15 PHE (phenyl) is a high-performance aromatic resin for hydrophobic interaction chromatography designed for rapid, high resolution purification of proteins and peptides. Source PHE for medium/high hydrophobicity requirements.

选择性范围从低到高疏水性。 建议使用预装资源 HIC 测试套件来初步筛选适合应用的最佳树脂

  • High resolution separations at high loads and high flow rates.
  • Range of selectivities from low to high hydrophobicity. Prepacked Resource HIC test Kit is recommended for initial screening of optimal resins for the application
  • Excellent scalability
  • High chemical and physical stability
  • Low backpressure


ParameterSOURCE 15PHE, 1 L
Chromatography techniqueHydrophobic Interaction Chromatography 
BioProcess resinYes 
Particle size, d50V1~15 µm 
Particle Size15 µm-15 µm 
pH stability, operational22–12 
pH stability, CIP31–14 
Pressure/Flow Specification400 cm/h, 1000 kPa, FineLine 100 column, bed height 10 cm, i.d. 10 cm 
Flow velocity150 cm/h - 900 cm/h 
Storage20% Ethanol 
Chemical stabilityStable in common buffers, chaotropic agents, detergents, and polar organic solvents 
Certificate of AnalysisYes 
Pack size1 L 
  • 1Median particle size of the cumulative volume distribution.
  • 2pH range where resin can be operated without significant change in function.
  • 3pH range where resin can be subjected to cleaning- or sanitization-in-place without significant change in function.
储存温度 Storage temp.常温阴凉避光
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