反相色谱层析树脂,SOURCE 30RPC

Source 30RPC 设计用于具有全 pH 范围稳定性的反相色谱 (RPC),适用于需要高流速和低背压的工业过程中的中间纯化和精制。17512005;17512004;17512002;17512020;17512003
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Source 30RPC is designed for reversed phase chromatography (RPC) with full pH range stability and suitable for intermediate purification and polishing in industrial processes requiring high flow velocities and low back-pressure

单一尺寸的 30 µm 刚性珠粒可提供低背压和高流速,从而实现高生产率。
高化学稳定性允许在广泛的工作条件下在高 pH 值下具有良好的清洁条件。
BioProcess 树脂支持工业应用。
SOURCE 30RPC 基于 30 μm、单尺寸、刚性聚苯乙烯/二乙烯基苯基质。这在操作期间提供了低背压和高流速,从而实现了高生产率。 30 μm 的珠粒尺寸允许进行高分辨率色谱步骤。


受控的孔径分布和大比表面积为从小肽和寡核苷酸到大蛋白质的各种分子提供了出色的分析能力。 SOURCE 30RPC 具有全 pH 范围稳定性,是硅胶基 RPC 基质的有力替代品。

SOURCE 30RPC 有多种不同的散装尺寸可供选择,便于放大和工艺开发。作为 BioProcess 树脂系列的成员,SOURCE 30RPC 凭借供应安全性以及全面的技术和法规支持满足工业需求。


  • Mono-sized 30 µm rigid beads gives low back pressures and high flow rates allowing for high productivity.
  • Designed for high resolution reversed phase chromatography of proteins, peptides and oligonucleotides.
  • High chemical stability allowing for wide range of working conditions with good resistance to cleaning conditions at high pH.
  • BioProcess resin supported for industrial applications.

SOURCE 30RPC is based on a 30 μm, monosized, rigid polystyrene/divinyl benzene matrix. This gives low back pressures and high flow rates during operation allowing for high productivity. The 30 μm bead size allows for high resolution chromatography steps.

High quality assurance standards in combination with the patented production method, particle structure is consistent both bead-to-bead and batch-to-batch.

A controlled pore size distribution and large specific surface area offer excellent capacity for a wide range of molecules, from small peptides and oligonucleotides up to large proteins. With full pH range stability, SOURCE 30RPC is a strong alternative to silica-based RPC matrices.

SOURCE 30RPC is available in a range of different bulk pack sizes for easy scale-up and process development. As member of the BioProcess resin range SOURCE 30RPC meets industrial demands with security of supply and comprehensive technical and regulatory support.


ParameterSOURCE 30RPC, 1 L
BioProcess resinYes 
LigandMatrix surface 
Particle size, d50V1~30 μm monosized 
MatrixPolystyrene/divinyl benzene 
Binding Capacity/ml Chromatography Medium~14 mg BSA/mL resin at 300 cm/h, ~23 mg bacitracin/mL resin at 300 cm/h, ~72 mg insulin/mL resin at 300 cm/h 
pH stability, operational21–12 
pH stability, CIP31–14 
Pressure/Flow Specification2000 cm/h, 1000 kPa, FineLINE 100 column, bed height 10 cm, i.d. 10 cm 
Storage4 to 30°C, 20% Ethanol or 70% Acetonitrile 
Chemical stabilityStable in commonly used aqueous buffers 1.0 M HCl, 1 M NaOH, 1 M HCl/ 90% methanol, 90% HAc, 0.45 M NaOH/40% 2-propanol, 6 M guanidine hydrochloride, n-propanol, 20% ethanol, acetone 
Autoclavable20 min at 121°C 
Certificate of AnalysisYes 
Pack size1 L 
  • 1Median particle size of the cumulative volume distribution.
  • 2pH range where resin can be operated without significant change in function.
  • 3pH range where resin can be subjected to cleaning- or sanitization-in-place without significant change in function.
储存温度 Storage temp.常温阴凉避光
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