凝血酶来源于人类血浆,Thrombin from human plasma [Factor IIa];lyophilized powder, 1500-3500 NIH units/mg protein (E1%/280, 18.3), suitable for cell culture

人凝血酶;凝血酵素;lla因子;CAS号 9002-04-4 Enzyme Commission (EC) Number ( BRENDA | IUBMB ) EINECS 编号 232-648-7 MDL number MFCD00082072 NACRES NA.75
制造商品牌: 西格玛 Sigma-Aldrich
货号(SKU): T4393
CAS号: 9002-04-4
MDL号: MFCD00082072
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General description

Thrombin is produced from the proteolytic cleavage of inactive prothrombin in the liver. The prothrombin gene is mapped to human chromosome 11p11.2.[2] It comprises of A and B catalytic domain, recognition domain and insertion loops. The active site residues comprise the catalytic tetrad, (histidine 57, aspartate 102, serine 195 and serine 214).[1]


Thrombin from human plasma has been used:
• as a medium supplement for the pre-treatment of endothelial cell culture prior to confocal microscopy and enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)[7]
• in the gelatinization of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) for preparing fibrin–MSC construct[9]
• for screening serine protease inhibitor, OGTI from frog skin secretion[10]

Biochem/physiol Actions

The main function of thrombin is the cleavage of fibrinogen to fibrin, to assist stable clot formation.[3] High levels of thrombin elicit neurotoxicity in dopaminergic neurons and contributes to the progression of Parkinson′s disease.[5] A wide range of mutations in the prothrombin gene contributes to its deficiency resulting in coagulation disorders like dysprothrombinemia and hypoprothrombinemia.[2] Altered thrombin levels modulates the coagulation pathway in multiple sclerosis.[4] Patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) show elevated levels of thrombin.[6] Thrombin accumulation in neurofibrillary tangles in the brain may contribute to the aggregation of τ protein and pathophysiology of Alzheimer disease.[8]

丝氨酸蛋白酶,可选择性裂解血纤维蛋白原的 Arg-Gly 键,形成血纤维蛋白和血纤维蛋白肽 A 和 B。

Unit Definition

活性以 NIH 单位表示,通过与 NIH 凝血酶参考标准品的直接比较获得


当使用 1mL 水复原时,小瓶将在 0.15M 氯化钠和 0.05M 柠檬酸钠中以及 pH 6.5 下达到规定的活性。

Analysis Note

NIH 试验步骤基于 Biggs 方法的改进,使用 0.2mL 稀释血浆(与生理盐水 1:1 混合,作为底物)和 0.1mL Biggs 凝血酶样品(稳定于 1% 缓冲白蛋白溶液中)。只使用 15-25 秒之间的凝血时间分析凝血酶浓度。


Quality Level200
formlyophilized powder
specific activity1500-3500 NIH units/mg protein (E1%/280, 18.3)
application(s)cell culture | mammalian: suitable
impuritiesHIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C, tested negative
storage temp.−20°C
Gene Informationhuman ... F2(2147)


GHS08  GHS08
信号词 Danger
危害声明 H334
危害码 (欧洲) Xn
风险声明 (欧洲) 36/37/38-42
安全声明 (欧洲) 22-24-26-36/37
RIDADR NONH for all modes of transport
储存温度 Storage temp.-20°C低温冷冻
全球实时库存 Availability √美国St. Louis ≥ 33 | 欧洲Eur. ≥ 27 | 東京Tokyo ≥ 9 | 香港与北京 ≥ 16