兔抗骆驼IgG [HRP酶标抗体],Anti-Camel IgG-HRP Conjugated antibody, produced in rabbit

辣根过氧化物酶标记抗体, POD标记, HRP标记抗体, peroxidase conjugate
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POD, HRP 辣根过氧化物酶标记抗体,是一类特异、敏感和安全的免疫学制剂。北实纵横科学公司采用改良的过碘酸钠氧化法生产HRP酶标抗体。每0.1mL液体中:HRP约含200μg/支,IgG约含400μg/支。参考工作效价: ELISA法:1:500~5000,用TMB作底物(OD450nm)P/N=2.5~3.0为阳性。免疫印迹:1:200~5000。免疫组化:1:20~500。

Biochem/physiol Actions

抗体Ig含量约4mg/mL;HRP(标记用辣根过氧化物酶)含量约 2mg/mL;BSA(稳定剂)含量约3mg/mL。

Storage and Stability

Maintain lyophilized product at 2°-8°C for up to 12 months from date of receipt. After reconstitution the product is stable for six weeks at 2°-8°C as an undiluted liquid. Reconstitute vial with 2 mL of distilled water. For extended storage after reconstitution, add an equal volume of glycerol to make a final concentration of 50% glycerol followed by storage at -20°C in undiluted aliquots for up to 12 months. Please note the concentration of antibody (and buffer salts) will decrease to one-half of the original after the addition of glycerol and final working dilutions must be adjusted accordingly. Avoid repeated freeze thaw cycles.

Use of sodium azide as a preservative will substantially inhibit the enzyme activity of HRP.


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储存温度 Storage temp.-20°C低温冷冻
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