人IgG2-λ,IgG2, Lambda from human myeloma plasma;purified immunoglobulin, >95% (SDS-PAGE)

Human IgG2-λ来源于人类骨髓瘤血浆;MDL number MFCD02662364 NACRES NA.46
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MDL号: MFCD02662364
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General description

IgG antibody subtype is the most abundant serum immunoglobulins of the immune system. It is secreted by B cells and is found in blood and extracellular fluids and provides protection from infections caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses. Maternal IgG is transferred to fetus through the placenta that is vital for immune defence of the neonate against infections.[1]
Human myeloma IgG2, λ is purified from human plasma by fractionation, ion-exchange and affinity chromatography procedures.



The purified IgG2, λ may be used as an immunoglobulin calibrator, reference antigen, blocking agent or coating protein in a variety of immunoassays including ELISA, dot-blot immunobinding, Western immunoblotting, immunodiffusion, immunoelectrophoresis, hemagglutination, and cell-binding assays. Human myeloma IgG2, λ was used to check the efficiency of hydrophobic interaction membrane chromatography (HIMC).[2]

Physical form

Solution in 0.02 M Tris buffered saline, pH 8.0.

Analysis Note

The purity and identity are determined by immunoelectrophoresis, indirect ELISA, and SDS-PAGE.


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Quality Level200
biological sourcehuman
antibody formpurified immunoglobulin
assay>95% (SDS-PAGE)
shipped indry ice
storage temp.−20°C


RIDADR NONH for all modes of transport
闪点(华氏) Not applicable
闪点(摄氏) Not applicable
储存温度 Storage temp.-20°C低温冷冻
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